What We Believe

At the Dominican Episcopal Foundation, we believe in the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. We follow the teachings of Jesus Christ who was saved the world with his life, death, and resurrection.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to engage the culture which can be done through a number of ways including chaplaincy, campus ministry, outreach, evangelization, and confraternity.

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Our Dominican friars engage in four primary ministries: preaching the Word through various forms of evangelization; teaching and scholarship; parochial service; and foreign missionary work.

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Latest Articles

Dominican Perceives Church’s Demise

Previous Dominican Perceives Church’s Demise as a Disguise of Blessing

Twenty years have passed since the expulsion of Mathew Fox from the order of Dominican. It was a big social media fanexplosion of all time. This is following a doctrine battle of twelve years with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and the worshipers.  Fox did not stop writing and communities continued receiving his teaching. In 1994, the Anglican Communion ushered him in as a priest and was been able to write twenty-eight books. He became famous and has many followers on Instagram.
He spends a lot of his …

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What is CBD

What is CBD and Can Christians Use It?

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD oil, is a natural product from the cannabis plant; however, it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychoactive element in marijuana. Many Christians will tell you they have read reviews like the Cbdistillery tincture review and jumped onto the CBD bandwagon faster than two sheep onto Noah’s ark. Although it is known that CBD does not contain THC, is it acceptable for Christians?
What is CBD?
CBD is a chemical found in cannabis …

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Free Manufacturer Coupons Online

Where to Get Free Manufacturer Coupons Online

Everybody loves receiving torguard coupon that will cost them nothing. It is like a prize or a gift. This is why getting free manufacturer coupons can make a person’s day.
Giving away free coupon is the company’s way to promote their products or introduce or launch goods. It can also be a manufacturer’s way to thank loyal customers or get people to try their products. The product coupons that they offer can range in variety such as grocery items, school supplies and even electronic appliances and gadget.

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Really Clean the House

How to Really Clean the House? The Bible Reveals

While going through the news feed of my Facebook account, I have seen a photo showing a race between men and women. In the photo, the race track for men has no obstructions but the race track for women has obstacles in form of cabinets, washing machines, dish racks, and other household materials that represent the household chores. You can navigate to floorcleaningtools for more information about it.
In today’s modern family, it will be a struggle for a living if it’s the patriarchy that will only …

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Offering Spiritual Help to Mothers in the Northwest Center

For over two decades, the Dominican House of Studies has worked hand in hand with the Northwest Center, a pregnancy center in Washington, DC, by assigning student brothers to help women in crisis and promote their dignity and respect for human life by way of Catholic teaching.
Br. Frassati Davis, who is currently assigned at the center to study for priesthood and practice Spanish, mentioned that enrolling himself in a ministry where he can listen to what other people have to say, and even listen to some of them speak in another …

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The Dominicans and their Mission to Bring Back Orthodoxy to the Elite Universities

A 2017 survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre has shown millennials tend to lend more on the Democratic side as compared to being a Republican. More so, a 2016 poll found out that 64% of them live by the Marxian mantra. It seems that the religious side of Americans is currently getting lost, with a heavy emphasis on university campuses.
Christians seem to be having a hard time dealing with this crisis. To somehow confront this issue, various bodies implemented their own take on securing religious liberty, such as the Evangelical Right created political alliances with a…

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A Look at the New Dominican Ministry at St. Patrick, Philadelphia

Back on July 1, 2018, the Dominican Friars of St. Joseph began to take over the ministry at St. Patrick Parish, another province located in Philadelphia. This has been under Archbishop Charles Chaput’s invitation, promoting the Dominican Friars to establish a new Dominican community under Philadelphia’s Archdiocese.
The ministry, which is currently served by four friars namely Fr. George Schommer, Fr. Timothy Danaher, Fr. Giles Dimock, and Fr. Edmund McCullough, brought with them their Dominican charism, love of the Lord, and their love of the liturgy.
More than …

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