The Dominicans and their Mission to Bring Back Orthodoxy to the Elite Universities

A 2017 survey conducted by the Pew Research Centre has shown millennials tend to lend more on the Democratic side as compared to being a Republican. More so, a 2016 poll found out that 64% of them live by the Marxian mantra. It seems that the religious side of Americans is currently getting lost, with a heavy emphasis on university campuses.

Christians seem to be having a hard time dealing with this crisis. To somehow confront this issue, various bodies implemented their own take on securing religious liberty, such as the Evangelical Right created political alliances with a number of politicians, including even president Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, the Order of Preachers redoubled their efforts in an attempt to bring back orthodoxy to academia. One such effort led to the establishment of the Thomistic Institute by the Dominican House of Studies ten years back. This is in order to bring charism to both American and British students in universities.

The Thomistic Institute, alongside the English Dominicans, deployed student-run chapters throughout 30 different campuses. The aim is to encourage the formation of knowledge regarding substantive topics and shedding light on the various issues in today’s society, as what Fr. Thomas Petri stated.

The renaissance brought on by the Dominicans are no doubt astonishing and has proven itself to be a working, and effective, model for both Catholic and non-Catholic universities. As such, instead of lessening the Faith, campuses are able to embrace it with charity and thoughtfulness.

A few institutions stand in opposition to this new academic culture; however, most of them tend to avoid debate in fears of creating even bigger issues in the event one party or another gets offended. That said, as long at the Thomistic Institute remains, the spiritual war to retake campuses throughout the US will go on.

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