Offering Spiritual Help to Mothers in the Northwest Center

For over two decades, the Dominican House of Studies has worked hand in hand with the Northwest Center, a pregnancy center in Washington, DC, by assigning student brothers to help women in crisis and promote their dignity and respect for human life by way of Catholic teaching.

Br. Frassati Davis, who is currently assigned at the center to study for priesthood and practice Spanish, mentioned that enrolling himself in a ministry where he can listen to what other people have to say, and even listen to some of them speak in another language, is indeed humbling.

Among his roles in the center include giving supplies to nursing mothers, taking down notes during appointments, and praying for new mothers as well as mothers-to-be. He mentioned that these women’s universal needs are a problem that won’t ever go away.

Br. Frassati, who was then a diocesan seminarian, saw the work of the Center and its efforts which leaned on the pro-life cause during his encounter with the Dominican Order during the March for Life. He pondered on the things they can possibly do to contribute to the pro-life cause they’re aiming, and how they as a Church can answer the needs of women who aren’t receiving any.

Since the center isn’t really a religious organization, it’s basically receiving referrals from secular institutions. Br. Frassati recalled a fifteen-year-old, who was referred by her school, arriving at the center. The girl didn’t speak English and came recently in the US just six months ago, unfortunately getting pregnant during her stay. This can be deemed too much for a young girl to deal with.

A situation such as this, according to Br. Frassati, can really help a lot towards the formation of priesthood. He mentions that as a priest, you shouldn’t be scandalized by such things. You’re basically called to provide care for the souls, but by supplying their material needs will help convey your message to people even more effectively.

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