CBD Sinful

Christianity and Marijuana: Is CBD Sinful?

Over the past few years, the popularity of Cannabidiol (CBD) has spread like wildfire. CBD products are everywhere, often in a variation of packages such as the famous CBD oil, CBD extract, and capsule. These can be found in bath salts and even gummy candies. However, what is this stuff exactly and does this have any Negative effects? And as a Christian, is the use of CBD products sinful?

What Exactly is CDB?

Cannabidiol, widely known as CBD, is a natural chemical compound extracted from cannabis plants. This plant’s genus includes both hemp and marijuana. The significant difference between the two is that hemp-derived CBD won’t get the user high.

CBD only contains 0.3% of the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) chemical found in marijuana. Compared to CBD oil, marijuana contains THC compound up to 25% to 30%. In case you’re wondering, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the one responsible for producing the “high” effect.

Why Does It Matter for Christianity?

Christians are profound believers of God and His words. For them, the Holy Bible is the written instructions of God which should be followed for us to attain human salvation. That being said, the Holy Bible explicitly instructs Christians to remain sober and free from any substances that may impair one’s mental state.

It is believed that substances may compromise one’s conscience and result in poor spiritual decisions in life. This belief discreetly points out that the use of CBD products is a SIN, even if it does not mentally affect us and our judgment.

However, many CBD oil users attest that they remain sober-minded while using or consuming it. In fact, they said that they don’t feel anything at all when they take it.

How Does CBD Help Users?

CBD oil falls under the medical use of marijuana since it has many medicinal qualities. Researchers claim that CBD oil can help with diseases such as acne, insomnia, depression, and some cancer-related symptoms. Others also believe that CBD oil can relieve pain.

According to a report written by the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD oil does not produce the addictive “high” effect that is most common in abused drugs. This means that users of CBD oil won’t get high nor get addicted to it. However, CBD can cause some side effects like fatigue and dry mouth.


The answer to the dilemma of whether the use of CBD is sinful or not comes down to its use. Cannabidiol used for medicinal purposes is not a sin. The fact that it does not get the user high, and does not mentally impair the user’s judgment proves that it is not wrong to use it.

Besides, CBD oil has shown to have medicinal usage, so it’s generally useful. However, the basic principle of medicine is that drugs, with or without the potential of being harmful to the human body, are acceptable when used appropriately and in moderation. Too much is a sin.

Therefore, too much CBD consumption, especially for recreational use, is a sin. Recreational consumption of CBD may cause harmful effects to the human body, and we don’t want that to happen.

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