Recliner Sofa

Dismantling Procedure of a Recliner Sofa


A recliner sofa is a seat that leans back when the user lowers its back and raises the front one. Some best recliners for sleeping are designed in a way that the reclination of the backrest automatically extends the footrest. Modern recliners have special features that allow automatic adjustment of the backrest, footrest and lumbar support depending on the weight and the angle of the legs of the user to increase comfort.

One may be required to move recliners through tight space, which would require disassembling to ease the movement. Some sofas have detachable backrests that are fixed by locking levers. The fabric material at the back is lifted to allow you to release the levers. However, other models have removable bars that are fixed with bolts at the base. The bolts can be removed when disassembling.

The assembling procedure is an intensive process. Therefore, to make it easy, you will be required to take pictures of the parts as you dismantle, keep the assembling parts in a safe place, and label the dismantled parts.

Dismantling procedure

Method 1: releasing locking levers

1.            Tilt the sofa forward to lift the upholstery strip at the back

The first step is tilting the sofa forward to pull the rear upholstery strip up. When the sofa is lifted forward, the rear side will face upward. Some upholstered sofas have a detachable panel at the back, whereby you will be required the lift the fabric material to expose the inner frame. This exposure allows you to locate and untie the strips that have joined the fabric to the base. The next step is the lifting of the upholstered panel.

2.            Locate the rear locking levers

There are metal levers that are facing down around the top side of the arm and back joint on each side of the sofa.

3.            Feel the locking levers

You can use your hands to feel the locking levers pointed down within the seams. However, if the sofa does not have a fabric that exposes the frame, you can put your hands on the rear seats on both sides of the sofa to feel the locking levers.

4.            Lift the locking levers to lift the backs

Finally, using your hands and a screwdriver, loosen the levers and release the backs of the seat. Then return it to its normal position and carefully remove the back out the frame.

Method 2: Removing bolted bars

•             Turn the sofa to locate the bars at the base

The sofa is lifted so that the back faces upward. Then look under the sofa to see two or three which are bolted on the sofa sides.

•             Unfasten the bolts

Use a screwdriver to loosen the bolts and remove them with your hands.

•             Ensure someone is holding the sofa when removing the last bar

The seat components and the console will come out freely, and therefore someone should hold the sofa to avoid damage.


Recliners are comfortable seats due to their unique design. However, they present difficulties when moving them through constricted spaces. Therefore to avoid damage and use of excessive energy, it is advisable to dismantle them to ease the movement.  The dismantling process is fast and straightforward if you follow the steps discussed above.

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