Memorial Cards

Knowing More About Memorial Cards

Memorial cards from are cards that are used as remembrances and distributed at funerals and memorial services. These cards serve as a tribute to loved ones who have passed on. They contain information about the deceased and can be kept as a keepsake. Their size can go small that can be kept inside a wallet. Usually, these cards can be ordered from the funeral home, but today, there are online services that can print out these cards.

With templates available online, many families today opt to do their own cards. Through these templates, they can choose from different designs, colors, styles, and sizes. They can also create customized designs that will make the card more personalized. Often, these cards contain information like the name of the deceased, birth date, date of death, favorites like songs or poems, funeral home, cemetery, photo, and a personal note from the family.

There are different memorial cards that families can choose from. It is important that they choose the one that will put in a personal touch from the family. It should be able to remind the recipient about the memories they had with the deceased. That said, here are the different cards you can choose from:

Memorial Bookmarks

These are slender memorial keepsakes that usually have a decorative background with a photo of the deceased and other information. The back part contains the favorite poem, scripture, or a personal message from the family of the deceased.

Memorial Prayer Cards

This is the more commonly used cards during a funeral or memorial service. It contains the same information as the memorial bookmark but also includes a thank you note from the family. It has a religious image or photo and has a prayer printed on the card.

Folded Memorial Card

This is like a funeral brochure but is slightly smaller. This card contains information about the deceased, photo, poem, prayer, and a personal note from the family. This card is typically used and distributed during wakes and viewings. It can also be used as funeral invitations and is given to invite families and relatives on the schedules of the viewings and funeral.

Funeral Announcement Cards

This card has the size of a postcard. It is usually mailed out to relatives and other family members to inform them of the funeral or viewings. It contains a photo of the deceased, the schedules of the funeral and viewings, and the information and location about the funeral.


Memorial cards can be a way to give out information to others regarding the passing of the deceased and other details about the funeral and viewings. But more importantly, they will serve as a reminder of the memories of the life of the deceased. The family and friends of the deceased can keep them. When the family and friends see the cards, they will keep their memories with the deceased alive.

There are websites that offer ready templates so you can make and print your own cards. With this, you can do your own design and make it as personal as possible.

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