Dominican Perceives Church’s Demise

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Twenty years have passed since the expulsion of Mathew Fox from the order of Dominican. It was a big social media fanexplosion of all time. This is following a doctrine battle of twelve years with Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger and the worshipers.  Fox did not stop writing and communities continued receiving his teaching. In 1994, the Anglican Communion ushered him in as a priest and was been able to write twenty-eight books. He became famous and has many followers on Instagram.

He spends a lot of his time and effort in interacting with people interested in spiritual activities. Most of the people involved in such activities are young adults. The following is an interview feedback concerning key themes in relation to his books and his progress with young adults in a spiritual perspective.

Does He Consider Himself a Catholic?

He considers himself as an Episcopal priest and insists that there is no document explaining him not being a catholic or a priest. In one of his books, the theme is to bring out the actual relevance of Roman by removing it from catholic.

Is He Catholic But Not a Roman Catholic?

He declares that he doesn’t want to put himself into categories. Being expelled at the age of fifty-four years, he explains that it is not necessary to undo all those years as a catholic. Despite having received many gifts from the Roman Catholic, his passion is going beyond denomination boxes.

In The Pope’s War, there is a chapter talking about treasures from a burning house that are worth saving. What does he want to rescue from catholic tradition?

There are some figures referred to as prophetic and mystical. For example Aquinas, Julian of Norwich among many others who were good reformers. Other souls in the twentieth century were also great, and they include the South American community movement, Bishop Camera, and Leonardo Boff. All this richness needs to be carried along for a brighter twenty-first century.

Should the Church Be Both Post Denominational and Institutional?

There is a necessity of drifting away from seeing religion as an institutional vestment of sociology. It should be seen as that which promotes compassion, a sense of healing, and also forgiveness. Fundamentalism forms that are arising due to Christianity should not hijack the true spirit of Jesus.

Should People Begin Looking for Church Away from the Institution?

The version of the church as an institution is melting away and is clearly seen. People are required to use energy, heed to the Holy Spirit, and be strong without looking over their shoulders.

Is it the Holy Spirit’s Plan for the Institutional Church to Melt Down?

It is absolutely true as seen from Pope John Paul second and also Benedict XVI. The two Popes are schismatic and show there is a need for Christians to be shaken for them to rejuvenate their belief.

Why Were the Two Popes Schismatic as Per His Opinion?

The sense of schism was brought to his attention by a highly respected catholic theologian. Many theologians in Europe believed the period of John Paul II was in schism and they were unable to do anything about it.


The above are some of the questions Mathew Fox answered in an interview about most of his scholarly works. On Instagram, there are many stories about him. You can dedicate some time and learn more about his spiritual perspective on the journey of helping young adults.

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