Church Teachings About Numerology

Church Teachings About Numerology

The Church has been faithfully using the Bible as its reference in their teachings and way of life. Experts say, It has filtered out mythical interpretations, superstitions, and even horoscopes of any kind. Numerology, the usage of numbers to determine one’s path or destiny, is definitely included on the forbidden list.

Church’s Point of View

The Church has always set on the minds of the followers that only God alone knows our fate. Therefore, any form conducted only by humans and with the non-living objects as props is definitely nonsense and even damaging. It contradicts to the submission of God’s Will and encourages a human as a superior being.

Having another human perceived with divine powers is definitely blasphemous and demonic. Church officials will do their best to warn the followers of such hysterical concepts that stray away from the right methods.

Numerology over the Years

Numerology has come a long way. During the time of Greek glory, thinkers would put emphasis on the meaning of numbers, on how they represent certain concepts of good and evil and on their indication of what would happen in the future.

The numerology that most of us casually enjoy for fun was developed by Cheiro, or Count Louis Hamon, who is a fortuneteller. He created a system, called the ‘fadic’ numbers, which is done by getting the sum of all digits of a person’s date of birth in order to produce the so-called ‘number of destiny’. The said number, according to the system, has a connection with astronomical activities and other significant personal details.

There is also another system that exists in which the letters of a person’s name or birthplace is assigned with numerical values. The mathematical operations would produce a result that can be interpreted in a symbolic fashion. Many astrologers used the ‘data’ to define the characteristics and the tendencies of one person.

Numbers Usage in Church’s Teachings

At the early stages of the Church, the significance of numbers was also being employed but not to the point as basis of faith. These numbers are continually being interpreted with important values that might contain ‘clues’ for God’s Will. The followers may perceive them as facts but the meaning behind them can be debatable.

Numerical figures like ‘3’ such as the depiction of the number of days of death until resurrection, or ’70 times 7’, which is being stated in the gospels as to how many times a man must forgive, or the feared ‘666’, which symbolizes the number of the devil, are some examples where the Church put significance in them.

Overall, they are just representations and cannot serve as the basis of what the future holds or how much worth a human holds. The most important thing is to believe in the Will of God and that everything has some specific reason why they happened.


The Church is frowning upon numerology, astrology, fortune-telling, and superstitions. However, practicing or believing in such seems not to be a crime and sometimes, it may feel comforting to know what’s in store for us in the future. Yet, as a member of the Church, taking those make-believe activities can be an insult to your faith.

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