Dominicans View Life

How Dominicans View Life and Spirituality

Spirituality for the Dominicans

As mentioned by, The Dominicans are a known seeker of various means of how to show others that God is at work in their lives. Hence, they highly believe that their spirituality is difficult to describe and that finding spirituality is their life’s quest.

Their Order is mainly led by its mission to preach. They often use phrases that briefly say what is in their hearts.

To Praise, To Bless, To Preach

To praise, to bless, to preach is their lifestyle.

They strive to be regularly aware that everything is a heavenly gift from above, thus they give God the glory by praising Him.

For them, He wants to fill every moment with grace. That’s why they bless others wholeheartedly.

They also trust that everything about life is God’s Word. Hence, they have a strong desire to preach it.

Searching for the Truth

It is another manner to somehow describe the spirituality of Dominicans. They are pursuers of insight, light, and a deeper understanding of everything around them especially the act of God. They have a torch that is usually used as a symbol of their quest for light.

In other words, they consider their vocation as being deep-seated in a valiant pursuit for truth and view themselves as flames of that truth. Thus, one of their missions in life is finding spirituality.

Sharing the Fruits of Scrutiny with Others

Dominicans lead a lifestyle of contemplation and scrutiny. They believe that to become effective preachers they must be able to deeply contemplate the world and the Word simultaneously. Realizations of the world entail us to clarity and action.

They greatly value their tradition when it comes to contemplative action and active contemplation.

Describing Life Using the Four Pillars

Dominicans generally perceive life using the four pillars namely: ministry, community, study, and prayer.


Ministry is the heart of vocation for Dominicans. It is the ultimate calling to obey God and spread His Word to the world.

Being sent on a mission is a privilege to use one’s hands, voice, and heart for a divine purpose. Doing missions paves the way to lift, embrace, heal, and bless others in a God-honoring way. It is a holy time to show how much we love God by expressing it through others.


It helps people to connect with God daily. It gives the Dominicans constant companions in prayer, thus helps them remember what truly matters in this lifetime — their lives and the life of every living creature.


This is the core of spirituality. It is all about remaining connected.

This holy act guarantees to bring about change as it allows individuals to see situations in new perspectives. A prayerful environment aids us to perceive everybody and everything in our surroundings.


Dominicans are naturally willing to imbibe new learnings and perceptions, even those that challenge their principles.

For them, the truth is never complete. Just like what Thomas Aquinas, a famous theologian, believed. They take this as an exciting and daunting challenge. Thus, they always endeavor to understand life and spirituality.

Studying is an all-time occupation for the Dominicans just like finding spirituality.

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