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Tips for Designing a Sacred Meditation Garden

Sacred meditation gardens are serene place where you can meditate same as the grow lights for weed, but you can do more than just that. These are places that allow you to have solitude with your soul. Also, in here you can pray, communicate to the universe or spirit realm, or even do spells based on your desires.

An outdoor sacred garden is highly recommended because it enables you to be connected to nature as well as disconnects you away from social media, television, and even your family. In fact, the nature’s sound, be it the rustle of the trees or the chirps of the birds can be so relaxing too.

Whether you have a sacred meditation garden indoors or outdoors, decorating is highly recommended. Here are some useful tips for designing and decorating your personal sacred garden.

  • Seek your spot

Find a comfortable spot for you. The right spot can be the one surrounded by natural or organic elements such as plants, rocks, and trees. You can also plan a spot to place a focal element for your meditation. You may even want to sit next to a large rock, if there is any, or under a huge tree if you feel any connections with it.

  • Planting is everything

The garden will look peaceful if there are plants and flowers growing in the area. Consider planting some if there are no plants in your sacred meditation garden. Do not just choose anything that you can see. You should observe and choose plants that you have a connection with. You may even search for the spiritual meanings of flowers and seek the ones that can help you with your spells or prayers.

  • Look for the focal or central point

If you prefer to meditate in your garden in most cases, a Buddha statue would be a perfect choice for the focal point. If you wish it to be a sacred garden for prayers, you can also rest a statue of your God or Goddesses that you want to pray to.

In order to give a more solemn feeling for the statue, you can also use LED Grow Lights for the dramatic lighting effect. These helps to make the ambiance of your garden filled with more tranquility.

  • Organize and decorate your space

In order to be more comfortable with your meditation or prayer, you might want to choose the right cushion that offers the perfect sitting. Something closer to the ground is highly preferred especially if you prefer to kneel or do some Indian sits when you meditate.

You can also put adornments that have good effects for you like charms, healing stones, or Chakra stones. Additionally, you can put your plants in pots, and rest them on wooden plant boxes with installed LED grow lights to add more relaxing and dramatic effect.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, your sacred space is personal to you. Therefore, you should decorate your scared meditation garden with things that make you more comfortable, relaxed and happier. This will allow you to search more in your soul leading to the clear understanding of your own goals and visions.

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