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5 Leading Christian Charities

With the genuine intention to help people in need like these charities, confusion may arise on finding charities to donate to or volunteer to given that there are hundreds of Christian charities all over the globe. To give you an idea, down below is a list of the best Christian charities verified by charity watchdog groups for being fully transparent with their activities that you may want to check out.

Samaritan’s Purse: Helping in Jesus’ Name

Inspired by women in China who devoted their lives caring for the sick and abandoned while preaching about God, Bob Pierce founded the Samaritan’s Purse in 1970. He gathered people who wish to devote their lives to service for the sick and the suffering.

With the Samaritan’s Purse, you may involve yourself in the following charitable activities:

  • Help putting up the gifts in shoeboxes for the National Collections Week
  • Pack own gifts in a shoebox to donate to the children for Christmas
  • Offer donations to the Greatest Journey for children discipleship programs

Compassion International

Founded by Rev. Everett Swanson in 1952, as of today, the organization is sponsored by 14 countries all over the globe and is helping over 2 million people in the poverty line. With Compassion International, you may involve and help in the following ways:

  • Rescue a mother and a baby by funding them monthly
  • Be a host on a Compassion Sunday to help other children find sponsors
  • Be a sponsor to a child in a developing country by donating a small amount of financial help every month

Lutheran World Relief: Sustainable Development, Lasting Promise

The LWR aims to assist the urban poor communities of all stages and was founded after WWII when a large number of Lutherans were left homeless. They also provide food and other types of supplies to certain communities.

Here are some ways you may help:

  • Prepare and send an educational kit for the children
  • Take part in recreational events and religious gatherings

Operation Blessing International: Breaking the Cycle of Suffering

This organization was established in 1978 and is devoted to providing clothing and all types of appliances to those in need. It has also distributed emergency disaster supplies all over the US.

They also have a children’s program where your donations are used for school establishments, surgeries, and child rescue and care.

Advancing Native Missions: Learn, Connect and Engage

The vision of this group is to help indigenous groups whilst spreading the good news of God. They are devoted to caring for poor indigenous people that have little to no exposure to religious resources.

Here are some ways you may be of assistance:

  • Donate in Collect for the Nations wherein the organization identifies one item in most need for the month and proceeds to accept donations of that item in any amount or number.
  • Get involved or donate to the Christmas Catalogue gifts which are specifically for minor projects like bikes for the pastors.

There is no point in being a Christian if you do not match your prayers with action. According to the Bible, people were created in the likeness of God, thus as Christians, it is a must for one to abide by His teachings and follow His footsteps, and one thing God is most well-known for doing is service.

Be someone who lives up to His words and start finding charities to donate too.

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