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Being Spiritual to Lose Weight

Losing weight with safe metabolic supplement can be an intense battle. Amidst your busy schedule, you may prefer to indulge in food and entertainment rather than being active or restricting your cravings.

However, losing weight’s first step is undoubtedly more on having the right mindset so that actions can be done.

Introducing ‘The Weigh Down’

There have always been many approaches to losing weight. Some prioritize boosting metabolism; others deprive you of regular food intake. Many of them only work if you have a lot of free time. So, how about tweaking your view on eating, food, and your needs?

This is the purpose of a movement called ‘The Weigh Down.’ Founded by Gwen Shamblin, the movement is based on the Bible’s teachings and connects them to one’s perspective about food and eating.

Even if the founder has faced many controversies, the movement’s mantra seems to be effective on the followers.

How Does It work?

The idea hit Shamblin when she was young. She has observed her thin friends and how they remain that way.

She concluded that her friends are thin because they naturally eat less, which means that they are simply that way and they did not deprive themselves.

The Weigh Down does not involve fat-burning routines or specific food groups exclusively eaten.

Moreover, it does not restrict a follower from eating, but it is more on seeing the value of food. Gaining unnecessary weight is tied to being too greedy and selfish, failing to see that food is a gift of God.

What Is the Basis of It?

According to their belief, hunger is defined as the moment your stomach growls, literally. When you encounter it, that will be the only indication that you have to seek food.

Eating at that moment, with an awareness of your hunger, will enable you to slow your pace and avoid overeating risks.

Shamblin and her followers believe that each of us has a definitive eating capacity programmed by God. You can only know when to stop if you know that you are physically full.

Role of Spirituality

From a non-believer medical expert’s perspective, a movement is a form of mental conditioning.

It is intense because it is tied to a much stronger foundation – religion. Religious arguments can be satisfying for most people since the provided reasons can offer comfort and reassurance.

The movement conducts Bible studies and prayer sessions rather than group exercises. Those spiritual activities cultivate peacefulness in the practitioners and promote relaxation. They all benefit the mind, body, and psychology.

Impact of Acceptance

With the meditation practices and the Bible’s teachings, you will have many opportunities to reflect on your life decisions, specifically food intake.

Once you realize having food as a gift and the body has internal programming for eating, you can slowly accept what you are. You will not be burdened anymore with the pressures of the outside world to look fabulous all the time.


Spiritually approaching weight loss is more than just boosting metabolism. It is a positive way to look at how valuable food is and how significant your body is in the eyes of God.

However, knowing what food ingredients, like salt and sugar, significantly impacts what causes you to eat more can help reinforce your spiritual ways with scientific strategies.

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