The Dominican Episcopal Foundation is a member of the Order of Preachers, likewise known as “The Dominicans”.

The Order of Preachers came to light upon its founding 800 years ago, in 1216, by St. Dominic de Guzman. Back then, the Order was established to answer the then desperate need for preaching and salvation of souls. Upon his founding, St. Dominic trained a number of preachers who would then serve the Church to propagate faith throughout the world.

St. Dominic, who was a Spanish priest that time, established a group of women-converts whom he tasked to pray for his preaching alongside his companions. Later, he was able to attract men to join in his mission, until he was able to formally establish the Order.

The Dominican friars follow the Constitutions of the Order of Preaches and the Rule of St. Augustine, committing themselves to preaching, prayer, and study to effectively spread Jesus Christ’s saving mission.

The Order constitutes regional provinces which are located in various locations throughout the world, with the aim of carrying out evangelization by working with the bishops of the local churches where the friars are serving. The St. Joseph Province, which was founded back in 1805, is just one of the four provinces which can be found in the US. Apart from preaching, our friars also engage in various missions including serving as hospital chaplains, campus ministers, parish priests, and teachers.

Our philosophy in our common life is to seek God with our heart and mind. As Dominicans, our life includes common life, private prayer, evangelical counsels, studies, and apostolic ministry.

As of now, the Order, consisting of Dominican friars, sisters, nuns, and affiliated members are distributed throughout the world. There are around 5,800 friars who live in 550 Dominican houses and priories, 23,000 active sisters in 150 congregations, 2,750 nuns in 200 monasteries, and 166,000 Dominican lay people who are living the Dominican charism alongside their daily lives.