Our Dominican friars engage themselves in four main ministries: teaching, parochial service, preaching the Word, and foreign missionary work. Our scope of preaching encompasses the following locations:

487 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC

Our friars in Washington DC are assigned to the Dominican House of Studies, also known as the Priory of the Immaculate Conception, connect with various apostolates and institutions such as The Catholic University of America, Thomistic Institute, and the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception. Their mission involves preaching to the professors and students in said institutions.

869 Lexington Avenue, New York

Our friars at St. Vincent Ferrer Priory in New York are serving various ministries such as the Dominican Friars Health Care Ministry, St. Vincent Ferrer Parish, the St. Joseph’s Provincial Office, to name a few.

55 Elmhurst Avenue, Providence

The friars assigned at Providence in Rhode Island are serving at various apostolates including the Brown-RISD Catholic Community and St. Pius V. Rectory Parish.

411 East 68th Street, New York

Once again located in New York, our friars who are assigned at the St. Catherine of Siena Priory are currently serving a number of ministries such as St. Catherine of Siena, St. Vincent Ferrer Parish, and the Dominic Friars Health Care Ministry.

630 E Street SW, Washington, DC

Our friars who are at St. Dominic Priory in Washington are serving ministries throughout Washington, DC such as the St. Dominic Church and a few more. Also, the Priory houses the studentate of St. Joseph for those who are undergoing study and priesthood.