Back then, in 1213, when Pope Innocent III was first approached by St. Dominic regarding the founding of the Order of Preachers, he was enthusiastically pleased with the idea. However, he requested a single condition: with the decree of the Fourth Council of the Lateran, any religious order isn’t allowed to create its own rule of life. As such, St. Dominic along with his companions should decide on an already implemented rule.

Upon St. Dominic’s return to Toulouse and spreading the news to his brothers, they then decided to adopt the Rule of St. Augustine. This has proved to be quite advantageous: it was both short and has a great degree of adaptability. Aside from that, it’s also among the oldest and most venerable rules that time, not to mention its familiarity to St. Dominic.

Until one night, Pope Innocent III saw a vision depicting the near-fall of Lateran Basilica which was prevented by St. Dominic by throwing himself against a building. This vision has convinced him that St. Dominic’s Order is indeed pleasing to Heaven. This has prompted him to become one of the most prominent supporters of the Church.

This has led to the Dominican friars’ mission of supporting the Catholic Church. Another mission is to engage the culture which can be done through a number of ways including chaplaincy, campus ministry, outreach, evangelization, and confraternity.